We moved in with Carla’s parents (our grand-cat-parents?)in September & October while her & our house was being ripped apart to make a perfect forever home for us. They live in a flat, and while all the humans seemed to be a bit anxious about whether we’d like it, we had a great time!

Lots of fuss and cuddles and treats, complete freedom to roam the entire flat (even her parents’ bedroom – more human faces to walk all over at 3am!), peace and quiet in the day, and massive sash windows to watch the world go by.

I did some really good hiding one day, and scared them all half to death, but more on that in another post.

Here we are about an hour after we’d made the scary journey, in rush hour traffic, from the cat hotel to our temporary home. We’re quite adaptable felines, really…

20150910_180015 20150910_182035 20150910_183023