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In November 2013, Luna (the black shorthair) and Clover (the tortoiseshell longhair) found their forever home with me. They’re sisters, though you won’t believe it until you’ve seen Clover’s single short-haired, black-furred, black-pawed foot in among all the fluff.

They came from Alresford Kitten and Feral Rescue, in the village next to mine – Brenda, who runs the rescue from her home and garden, rehomes around 300 unwanted cats every year.

I’ve always been an animal person, but as my family has always had dogs and horses, I assumed that’s what I’d get when I was ready for pets of my own. In fact, I spent the summer of 2013 walking my friend’s two greyhounds in preparation for having one myself.

So though I’ve always loved cats too, in a way no one was more surprised than me when I found myself chosen by these two little madams to be their forever human. (I’m also ridiculously allergic to cats… but I’m working on that).

They came from a lady who had too many cats, and gave the latest litter to Brenda because she couldn’t cope with them. Luna, Clover and two of their sisters were all in together when I met them, though I believe their sisters have also now been rehomed. They were five months old, newly neutered and so friendly and loving and trusting from the moment I first met them, that I couldn’t not promise them a new life with me. (I’d have had all four if I could have afforded it, too.)

And yet… I went to meet them, and agreed a date to bring them home, and I was terrified. Absolutely scared stiff of hurting them by accident, of losing them, treading on them, that they’d be sad or lost or scared in their new home.

True to form, they took about three minutes to come out of the carrier and have had me firmly wrapped around their paws ever since. I cannot believe how much I love them – how two such small beings can command so much love and be so precious. They’re very loving to me too, following me round the house and often snuggling up on my lap, or on top of whatever it is I’m trying to work on, and they both snooze with me in my bed, upside down and purry as anything till they fall asleep.

I am blessed to have been adopted by these two – and I figured they deserved a site of their own within my stable of websites.

People still ask me how I ended up with kittens when I was trying to adopt a greyhound – but then they meet Clover and Luna, and discover for themselves why I suddenly became a cat person…